Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Need for Routine Lawn Mowing and Why You Should Never Skip It

Common issues affecting your lawn’s condition are not only limited to dry weather, over-watering, or uncontrollable weeds. Lack of regular mowing can also cause lawn problems in the long run, especially since some people tend to mow only when the grass is already noticeably longer.  Ideally, lawn mowing professionals in Balwyn and elsewhere in Melbourne’s East recommend mowing regularly , especially during the spring and summer, for the benefit of your lawn.

Aesthetic Purposes

The most obvious perk of lawn mowing is achieving an aesthetically pleasing look for your front yard. A properly cut, well-manicured lawn is something that gives your block of land better curb appeal, too. Accumulated debris on the surface will also be mulched up and cleared, making it safer for you to walk on the grass.

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Lawn Mowing in Templestowe – Choosing Turf or Seed for that New Lawn

No matter how much time and effort is put into the maintenance of flower borders, rockeries, and trimming and shaping bushes and hedges, without a well maintained, flat, green lawn, all that effort can be to no avail. It makes little difference how much of a blaze of colour comes from the beds of flowering annuals; the eye is invariably drawn to the brown, bare, and mossy patches of the poorly maintained lawn.

Attaining that bowling-green lawn in the first place, can go all the way back to its roots – literally – and the decision whether to use grass seed, or turf, when the lawn is first put down.

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